Investigatory Powers [RIPA and IPA]

In-house course: call for details
Qualification: Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice - BTEC Level 7 - please call for details
Duration: 1 Day

Investigatory Powers [RIPA and IPA] - overview

Interception of communications, surveillance and use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) must be carried out in strict accordance with RIPA and the IPA. Failure to do so may be unlawful and result in evidence being inadmissible and may lead to civil actions for damages.

This course gives delegates a comprehensive understanding of the legal regime imposed under the legislation. Delegates will learn how to achieve legal compliance when planning, authorising and/or conducting investigative practices regulated by both RIPA and the provisions in the IPA currently in force.

The Investigatory Power Act [RIPA and IPA] training course can count towards the 8-day nationally recognised qualification - the Advanced Professional Certificate In Investigative Practice – or towards the 2-day Professional Award in Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Data Protection Act or Professional Award in Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Cross Examination.

Please note: this course must be run as a 2-day course in conjunction with Data Protection Act or Cross Examination day if you’re undertaking a qualification. 

Key Learning Points

  • Identify what conduct is governed by RIPA, IPA and the Human Rights Act
  • Know how to lawfully plan and authorise investigations under the legislation
  • Keeping sufficient and proper records to justify the conduct under RIPA
  • How to carry out lawful and justified infringement of individuals’ relevant human rights
  • Applying to factual situations the principles of lawfulness, necessity and proportionality
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