Nationally Recognised Investigative Qualifications

Leading qualification for investigators

Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice (APCIP) is regarded as the leading professional qualification for personnel with an investigative role. This nationally recognised qualification is awarded by the International Compliance Association, in association with Alliance Manchester Business School



Over 7,000 investigators from a range of government agencies and commercial organisations have successfully completed this qualification.

  • Learners are able to choose the pathway of modules making up the qualification to reflect the type of investigations they conduct.
  • The programme is available on a Public or in-house basis.

The learner journey

Made up of 8 days training, the qualification is broken up into four 2-day modules. Each 2-day module has a post course written assessment attached to it, which is to be completed in the month following module attendance.

Complete mandatory module:

Complete at least 2 of the following modules (2-5) 

And complete (if still required) 1 of the following modules (6-8) 

Modules can be taken in any order.

Complete (if still required) 1 of the following modules: 

Modules can be taken in any order.


Learners have  maximum of two years in which to complete the qualification. Typically learners complete it over a 3-9 month period. Most complete it over a 4- to 12-month period.

In house training

If you have a number of staff we are able to deliver the programme either through Virtual Classrooms or face-to-face, using case studies contextualised to your type of investigation.

How to book

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