RIPA Authorising Officers for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Duration: 4 Days

RIPA Authorising Officers Training for Law Enforcement Agencies - Course overview

The role of the authorising officer is the most important one in the RIPA process. It is important that those people performing this important role understand the requirements of their role and how to complete the authorisation correctly.

This accredited 4-day training course has been designed to allow delegates to understand and explore the role and the requirements placed upon them when they are asked to authorise activity under RIPA/IPA for directed surveillance, communications data or a Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS). The training is structured so that the delegates are be able to complete an authorisation in line with the law, guidance and recognised good practice, enabling them to reduce bureaucracy.

Key learning points

  • What are the roles of the applicant, gatekeeper and authorising officer?
  • Understand the different types of covert activity available?
  • When should an authorisation be given?
  • How to construct an authorisation.
  • When is an authorisation required for open source research?
  • How to correctly apply the key term of necessity, proportionality and collateral intrusion.
  • The 6 legal tests that are required to performed by the authorising officer.
  • Identify how the authorisation may be challenged in legal proceedings.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at staff from a police force or law enforcement organisation that may be required to authorise activity for covert activity.

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