Leading a Surveillance Team

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Duration: 2 Days

A lot of time is invested in training surveillance operatives to ensure they have a high level of competence so that they can gain excellent intelligence or evidence but to date there has been little, if any, training specifically for the team leader role.

Those that have ever led a surveillance team know that there are a whole range of demands placed on the team leader and they have to consider a variety of issues when making, their decisions and often, those decision have to be made dynamically.

Course Overview

The course looks at the issues from pre-deployment and planning through to briefing, deployment and post deployment so it covers all of the stages involved in a surveillance operation, from the perspective of the team leader.

Our 2-day course in leading a surveillance team has been designed by a very experienced surveillance team leader to reflect the considerations and issues that are faced by the team leader on a regular basis to allow them to feel comfortable in their role and to be able to identify not only the issues but also potential solutions.

Key Learning Points

  • The legal issues facing the team leader
  • Surveillance objectives and achieving the line of enquiry for the investigators
  • Deciding upon the type of surveillance operation to be undertaken
  • Tactical options and considerations
  • Dealing with sensitive intelligence and sensitive sources
  • Managing multiple subjects or locations
  • Deconfliction and who takes priority
  • Managing compromise and operational security incidents
  • Managing the Surveillance Management Record (SMR)

This training is based in reality and very practical, using exercises to encourage the delegates to look at the situation and their role.

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