Human Rights Act 1998 for Health and Social Care Professionals

In-house course: call for details
Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

Course Overview

The Human Rights Act 1998 places duties on public authorities to protect, respect and fulfil citizen’s human rights.  The aim of this course is to help health and social care professionals in public authorities understand how the Human Rights Act relates to what they do, and how they do it. This one day course will explore the history of human rights as well as how to apply the rights and freedoms to everyday practice in health and social care.

Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

  • Outline the history of Human Rights
  • Recognise the importance of applying the FREDA values and principles in everyday practice
  • Explore what is meant by human rights
  • Explain the different types of rights and freedoms we have
  • Identify the European Convention on Human Rights Articles relevant to health and social care
  • Discuss the myths and facts around human rights
  • Apply the rights and freedoms into practice in real life examples and case studies
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