Foot Surveillance Course

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Duration: 3 Days

Our surveillance training courses allow delegates to undertake various forms of surveillance in order to gather the best evidence that can be achieved or to gather crucial intelligence.

These courses are very practically based enabling delegates to practice these new skills and receive feedback to develop their performance. Our courses are delivered by experienced surveillance operatives who are also highly qualified trainers. They bring first-hand experience of conducting surveillance operationally to ensure that the training is relevant and delivered to best practice standards.

Our surveillance course is designed for people who will be conducting covert surveillance where the subject of the surveillance is likely walk or use public transport.

Key Learning Points:

  • Glossary
  • Conducting foot surveillance
  • Use of cover, plotting, loss procedure and close control
  • Covert evidence gathering

There is an additional 2-day option to cover public transport in greater detail and in particular urban light transport systems such as the London Underground or Glasgow Subway

Delivered on an in-house basis

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