An Introduction to the Mental Health Act 1983

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

The Mental Health Act 1983, as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007, tells us how to define a mental disorder and what the assessment and treatment rights of people with mental disorders are. Together with its Code of Practice, it provides the legal framework which balances the rights and interests of the individual with the protection of both the health and safety of that individual and the safety of the wider public.

Course Overview

Working, at any level, with patients who are either detained or are eligible to be detained under the Mental Health Act, demands a knowledge of the key principles of the Act. Providing care and treatment in a consistent, lawful way which fully respects the rights of those who are detained, is a non-negotiable, minimum, expected standard.

This course gives a thorough grounding to those who are new to working with psychiatric patients. Using group discussion and case studies, the course will clarify the complex legal principles behind such detentions.

Key Learning Points

  • Discuss the meaning of “mental disorder”, as defined by Section 1 Mental Health Act 1983.
  • Identify the roles and functions of the professionals named by the Act.
  • Review the various pathways for admission into and compulsory detention at psychiatric hospital.
  • Explore the legal meaning of “appropriate to receive medical treatment” and “appropriate treatment” within the context of the Mental Health Act 1983.
  • Explain the circumstances under which a patient must consent to treatment if it is to be administered and those in which treatment can be administered by force, together with the legal safeguards which ensure that such administration is balanced with the needs of the patient.
  • Outline how the Mental Capacity Act 2005 interacts with the Mental Health Act 1983.
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