Witness Familiarisation Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All Bond Solon Witness Familiarisation products are subject to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Bond Solon Products include, but are not limited to, courses, presentations, manuals, course materials, articles, books and web-based products.


Payment for Bond Solon Products should be made in the way indicated in publicity material and on the website for each Product or by agreement with Bond Solon staff.

  • Payments by BACS to Sort Code 20-20-70 (Barclays Bank PLC, One Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP), Account Name: Bond Solon Training Ltd, Account Number: 63867870
  • Cheques payable to Bond Solon Training Ltd and send to Finance Department, 5th Floor, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 8QS
  • Swift Code: BARCGB22
  • IBAN: GB03 BARC 2020 7063 8678 70
  • Major credit and debit cards are accepted. Please quote your invoice number on payment. Bond Solon does not accept AMEX.
  • Payment terms are stated on your invoice
  • Some web based products may be purchased on line.
  • It is the policy of the company to recover all debts and associated court costs and legal fees incurred in so doing. We reserve the right to charge interest at 3% over bank base rate on overdue invoices.

Cancellation & Postponement

  • Cancellations of any course must be made in writing and received by Bond Solon at least two full working days prior to UK based courses or five full working days prior to courses held outside the UK.
  • Should Bond Solon engage an interpreter on your behalf to attend a course, cancellation of the interpreter’s services must be made in writing and received by us at least five full working days prior to courses wherever held. In the event that Bond Solon receive notice of cancellation fewer than five full working days prior to the course, the session fee is liable. Should the services of an interpreter be cancelled more than five but less than 30 calendar days prior to the course date, a retainer fee of £800 shall be payable as a fair reflection of the losses actually incurred by the interpreter if the assignment is lost.
  • We will not accept cancellations that have not been received by us, and you should obtain proof of sending.
  • Cancellations not giving the required notice, and those not received in writing, will not be accepted and the agreed fees will be due.
  • Postponements will be accepted at no charge if notified in writing at least two full working days prior to the course. Postponements of the services of an interpreter at a course require notice in writing at least five full working days prior to the course.
  • Any agreed hotel and travel expenses incurred by Bond Solon which are non-refundable will be charged at cost for all courses cancelled or postponed.
  • Bond Solon cannot be held responsible for events outside of its control.

Any contract entered into with Bond Solon for the provision of Bond Solon Products is on the express term that the trainer we appoint to present or author the product will not be approached independently by you or a third party acting on your behalf to present training or create other material to you or any other party within a two year period following the delivery of the product without our prior written consent.


Bond Solon owns the copyright in all Bond Solon Products. Any material contained in Bond Solon Products may not be reproduced in any form or used without the express written permission of Bond Solon.

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This clause sets out the responsibilities of Bond Solon Training Ltd, the Provider, and the Customer in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable data protection law (Data Protection Law). Any terms or words defined in Data Protection Law and used in this clause relating to personal data shall have the meaning set out in Data Protection Law. Where the Provider processes any personal data in relation to this agreement, it does so as a data controller on its own behalf (including in order to comply with its obligations and exercise its rights under this agreement), and shall comply with Data Protection Law in respect of such processing. Where the Customer provides any personal data in relation to this agreement, it warrants that it does so in compliance with Data Protection Law and that the Provider may, under Data Protection Law, process such data as required or anticipated by this agreement, and the Customer shall be responsible for any costs, losses or expenses the Provider incurs or suffers as a result of breach of such warranty.

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