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Last month both the national and legal press widely reported on the collapse of a multi-million pound fraud trial due to the prosecution’s expert witness.

The judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said of the expert: "Andrew Ager is not an expert of suitable calibre. He had little or no understanding of the duties of an expert. He had received no training and attended no courses. He has no academic qualifications. His work has never been peer-reviewed.”

Watch Nick Deal’s exclusive interview with Narita Bahra QC, lead counsel for one of the defendants, who was instrumental in identifying the shortcomings of the expert which led to the collapse of the trial.

This interview will provide you with a fascinating insight into the background of the case and what really happened. There are important lessons to be learnt for all civil, criminal and family experts.    

About Narita Bahra QC

Narita -Bahra -614x 358 (1)

Director, Garrick Law - full profile here
Barrister, 2 Hare Court - full profile here
Narita is one of the most sought after and able leading defence barristers. She has cemented a reputation as a barrister who can skillfully deal with the most difficult of cases. Her excellent track record, high success rate and commitment to human rights make her the leading choice in high profile cases.

This video was first published on the 27th June 2019.

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    27 Jun 2019 15:56

    Extremely informative. My only concern is that those who take their EW duties seriously will use this to develop their knowledge/skills. Whilst those that don't will continue not to be aware of them.

  • DR Rebecca Matthews - Independent Speech & Language Therapist

    27 Jun 2019 18:09

    Thank you for sharing the link to this video interview - always good to learn from those involved first hand with a situation. Timely reminder to keep updated on duties and responsibilities when an expert witness but also important to record 'unused material' which I have not thought to list or consider. Lots to reflect on and presented in an informative manner with direct application to the expert witness work that I do within civil law (specifically SENDIST).

  • Mr ETR James - Orthopaedic Surgeon

    27 Jun 2019 18:44

    A very instructive and educational interview, which alerts all experts as to their responsibilities

  • Dr Amrik Singh - GP Medico-Legal Expert

    27 Jun 2019 23:18

    Very interesting and extremely important video.I total agree that training and meeting and sharing thoughts with other experts is essential in maintaining a level of quality of care in the system and I welcome the new CPD Medco training courses. Dr Amrik Singh

  • Lucy Best - orthotist

    28 Jun 2019 01:20

    Very interesting, thank you. Yes, it is important to be trained in the expert witness rules and keep up to date, store documents securely and keep copies of all notes even those not submitted and record phone conversations.

  • James Pratt - Naval Architect

    30 Jun 2019 11:52

    Thank you for posting the interview. A salutary reminder to all those seeking to act as an Expert to not only ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and the requirements of the role, but also to ensure they act upon that knowledge. The document references given were helpful.

  • George Murray - Project Director

    30 Jun 2019 12:18

    This is a fascinating interview and very thoughtful and informative from start to finish. It is hard to understand how the CPS acquired the expert witness in question but it just reinforces the need for structured and continuous training for expert witnesses.

  • PROFESSOR HOWARD BRANLEY - Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

    30 Jun 2019 12:48

    A fascinating interview with lessons to learn for all in EW work. Having done the Bond Solon CUBS Expert Witness Certificate at the outset of my EW practice, these issues are very well taught and explained by Bond Solon.

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