Results of the Annual Expert Witness Survey 2014

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On 7 November, we asked experts attending our Expert Witness Conference to complete the annual survey. 186 delegates, half of those attending, responded. View the full results.

30% of expert witnesses told us that in the last 12 months they were asked to, or felt pressurised to, change their report in a way that damaged their impartiality. Their examples (on p9-p12) range from being asked to remove sections of reports which were seen as damaging to the client’s case to being asked to re-write in their favour. Other experts said some solicitors had even refused to pay them if they felt they had written an “unhelpful” report. One said: “A leading firm of solicitors tried to pressurise me on more than one occasion as the client didn’t like my conclusions.” Another expert witness said: “Solicitors were asking for the report to be changed materially to the client’s advantage. Other solicitors were asking for quoted GP notes entries to be changed. I always refused.”

45% said they had encountered an expert that they believe to be a “hired gun” in the last 12 months.

44% of experts think better regulation is needed.

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