In conjunction with the University of Aberdeen, Bond Solon offers the first university certificated expert witness training programme in Scotland.

This unique expert witness certificate enables you demonstrate to both instructing solicitors and the courts that you have been trained, assessed and hold the core and requisite competencies to act as an expert witness in Scotland.

The certificate is made up of 4 days of training and 3 assessments. The assessments must all be completed within a 2 year period starting from the date when the expert receives their first assessment pass. Experts who successfully pass all assessments will be awarded the University of Aberdeen Bond Solon (UABS) Expert Witness Certificate.

To date over 2,200 experts from a wide variety of professions have completed the Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificate, a corresponding certificate for expert witnesses who act in English and Welsh jurisdictions.


In order to qualify for a Certificate it is necessary for you to attend the following compulsory training modules:

  • Excellence in Report Writing (1 day)
  • Courtroom Skills (1 day)
  • Cross Examination Day (1 day)
  • Law and Procedure - Scotland (1 day)

Public courses are delivered virtually. The courses can also be run on an in-house basis (face-to-face or virtually) if you have a group of colleagues interested in undertaking the training. Please contact us for details of in-house course prices.

Expert Witness Training Brochure

Assessment Process

The certificate is assessed in three parts, all of which must be submitted to the University of Aberdeen within a two year period.

Part 1 - assessment of your expert witness report

You can submit your expert witness report at any time during this two-year period after attending the Excellence in Report Writing course, however we recommend doing so after you have attended the Cross-Examination Day.

Part 2 - review of your performance under cross-examination

A video of your performance will be made during the Cross-Examination Day.

Part 3 - multiple choice examination on Law and Procedure Scotland

A 1-hour multiple-choice-examination is sat at the end of the Law and Procedure day.

Providing a pass standard is reached in all three assessments, you will then be awarded the University of Aberdeen Bond Solon (UABS) Expert Witness Certificate. You will also be provided with the certificate logo and specific wording, which can be used on all your marketing material.


As a University of Aberdeen Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate Holder, you will be eligible to register for free on the National Register of University Certificated Expert Witnesses

Cost per delegate:

£1,980 + VAT if the 4 days are booked separately (includes the £470 + VAT certification fee)
£1,782 + VAT if the 4 days are booked together (includes the £470 + VAT certification fee)

To book the certificate please contact us on 020 7549 2549 or email us at