Witness Skills for Health Practitioners

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

Key Learning Points

  • Recognise how the adversarial and inquisitorial system works, and distinguish the difference between them
  • Identify the procedures, order of events, and roles and responsibilities of those involved
  • Prepare how to give evidence to best practice standards
  • Demonstrate how to make appropriate use of supporting evidence, document and records while under cross-examination
  • Distinguish between the difference in giving 'opinion' evidence as the 'expert witness' and giving evidence as a professional witness
  • Demonstrate effective ways to withstand lawyers' cross-examination techniques in order to give clear and confident oral evidence in the witness box

Witness Skills for Health Practitioners - Overview

Often Witnesses are unprepared for the experience of presenting evidence at court and can find the process daunting. Many professional witnesses feel they are on trial, as if they are standing in the dock, rather than giving evidence to assist the court. Doubt may be cast on witnesses’ experience, qualifications, methods and opinions. Their knowledge of their specialist area of work may be tested. Technical terms have to be explained simply and clearly.

This one-day course is designed to ensure that delegates have the support, knowledge and confidence to give a truthful, confident and coherent account whilst involved in court proceedings. In the morning, we look at the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence in order to demystify the process. In the afternoon we set up a mock courtroom in which delegates will be questioned using a realistic case study.

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