The Interface Between S117 Aftercare and Continuing Healthcare

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

Working out who pays for what care when a person with a mental disorder is discharged from a hospital section, is a difficult process. When that person also has an enduring physical health problem, for which they require nursing or other medical care in a community setting, obtaining appropriate funding to manage that person’s needs becomes even more complex. Assessments are required to determine whether the person’s primary needs relate to their physical health, mental health or need for social care.

The ramifications for getting such assessments wrong, or conducting them incorrectly, are significant for everyone involved.


uring this one-day course you will consider the relevant statutes, case law and up-to-date guidance which will enable them to understand how decisions are made about section 117 needs, CHC eligibility and to avoid the significant pitfalls in the decision-making process.


By the conclusion of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the relevant legislation, guidance, case law and procedures surrounding S117 aftercare and CHC funding.
  • Understand the framework of S117 aftercare funding and CHC funding following psychiatric hospital discharge.
  • Recognise the importance of written and other evidence in the screening, assessment, review and appeal process.
  • Identify and consider the potential pitfalls in the decision-making process.
  • Understand the screening and assessment process.
  • Understand the purpose of the review panel and the appeals process.
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