Safeguarding Children: Social Worker's Responsibilities

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Duration: 2 days (12 hours CPD)

Social workers operate within a legal framework and government policy, to ensure they provide adequate safeguards for children. Far too often, these safeguards are not followed correctly, and social workers fail to see the entire journey for the child; from Early Help to eventual court proceedings. This creates drift and delay for many of the most vulnerable children in the authority’s care.

Course overview

Over this highly interactive course, delegates will explore the definition ‘Safeguarding Children’ and will identify and work through the 9 stage process involved in Safeguarding Children, including exploration and identification of the appropriate services, resources and assessments at each stage from ‘Early Help’ provisions through to the ‘Final Care Plan’.

Delegates will also learn when to apply to court to obtain appropriate orders to safeguard children (emergency applications and long term statutory interventions). The course is underpinned with a child-centred approach allowing social workers to identify the impact on the child, ensuring the voice and the needs of the child is heard, and encouraging social workers to place the child at the heart of the decision making process.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of those involved at each stage including their own, of their involvement with a child from ‘Early Help’ through to ‘Court Proceedings’
  • Explain the intention behind each stage in the process, to either enhance the child’s welfare or provide adequate safeguarding for the child
  •  Identify the appropriate responses by Children’s Services when concerns are raised about a child, including triggering a S.47 Investigation
  •  Identify the roles and responsibilities of all individuals and agencies involved in safeguarding children
  • Be able to identify risk at the correct time
  • Be able to complete risk assessments to best practice standards
  • Know what constitutes best evidence at each stage of the process
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