Modern Slavery

In-house course: call for details
Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points

  • Identify and apply relevant legislation, policy, research and case law in order to underpin intervention
  • Recognise what modern slavery is and its different types
  • Identify those effected
  • Identify the signs of modern slavery
  • Develop strategies to achieve good practice in modern slavery cases

Modern Slavery - Overview

Slavery is not an issue confined to history, or an issue that only exists in other countries. It is happening today in the United Kingdom. Modern slavery is a challenging aspect of contemporary Adult Social Care brought to the forefront by recent changes in legislation and inclusion in safeguarding within the Care Act 2014.

This one-day course will explore what modern slavery is giving delegates an in-depth overview. They will consider who is affected, how to spot the signs and know how to respond effectively.

Learning will be focused on legal literacy to underpin professional practice, and to identify the skills and knowledge required by professionals to identify and navigate the human side of this difficult and complex area of work.

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