Minute Taking and Recording Skills

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

Key Learning Points

  • Recognise the importance of records in providing better outcomes for adults
  • Identify the importance of working effectively with adult safeguarding Investigators and Designated Lead Managers
  • Correctly adhere¬†to information sharing protocols
  • Identify how a professional is held accountable for their records¬†

Minute Taking and Recording Skills - Overview

In order to ensure sound decision making and continuity of care, it is essential that minutes and records accurately reflect the decisions and conversations made during safeguarding meetings. Records must be capable of demonstrating what facts have been obtained, the source of those facts, and how decisions relating to ongoing care, assessments, interventions and planning have been made.

This practical one-day course ensures best practice in producing clear and concise minutes within the safeguarding process. Delegates will listen to meetings, write records and scrutinise notes. The accountability of the minute taker, and the way in which they record information will be considered in light of their professional and legal responsibilities. Through trainer-led discussion and case studies, delegates will explore common mistakes in minute taking and recording. They will also consider how easily they could be scrutinised during legal proceedings, but most importantly; delegates will learn how to avoid these pitfalls.

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