Corporate Parenting

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

The Corporate Parent must ensure that every child within their area receives the best care possible. Alongside this provision each child must have the right to participate in all of the decisions that effect their lives as children.

Corporate Parenting - Course Overview

This training will enable delegates to test their knowledge & develop their understanding of their role as the Corporate Parent towards children in their care.  Delegates will identify the collective responsibility on Local Authorities/County Councils to achieve good parenting for all children in their locality/care which requires ownership, leadership & responsibility at a senior level, including elected members.

Key Learning Points

  • Identification & consideration of the relevant legal framework
  • Clear understanding of the terms ‘safeguarding’ &  ‘promoting a child’s welfare’
  • Identification of the best timely & universal outcomes for children
  • Recognition & provision of the appropriate services/ resources for each family & child
  • The conversion of these outcomes into practical provisions at the right time with appropriate monitoring
  • Identification of the key people who are seen as the Corporate Parent
  • Exploration of how the Corporate Parent best tasks & equips others to provide these services on their behalf i.e social workers, PPD, education, health, police, housing


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