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Is remote training as good as face to face? Many Bond Solon clients were sceptical but since 23 March, many hundreds have taken our programmes and are delighted! Some have even said they actually preferred remote training as there was no travel and they were more comfortable at home.

Amazingly we have had no negative feedback. Here are comments from our clients:
“I must admit I was a bit sceptical as everyone who’d been on the course reported how good it was and as such, I thought that there may be something lacking and that you may not get as much from the face to face event. However, even though we’re only two days in, I’m pleased to say that I was gladly proven wrong and so far, so good. I was expecting to be plagued by the usual IT issues, there have been none (long may this continue). The dial-in was seamless and for saying this is the first time the course has been run like this, you’d certainly never know, and your trainer has done a great job so far in engaging the whole of the group which can be difficult when being done remotely. I think the group size of 12 is just right. We even managed to do some group tasks in small syndicates which so far has worked well. I look forward to the rest of the course.”
“Just dropping some feedback about the pilot of this course, having done a couple of days. I think your trainer is doing a really good job with keeping everyone engaged as it is such a difficult scenario. Breaking off and working in small teams is also a great way of enabling us to engage with others on the course”.
“I think it is going well, legislation can be dry but the content is well explained and applied to (my organisation), so it is interesting and engaging. IT for me personally has been fine with no issues and the break-away group activities works well”.
“Couldn’t be happier. Your Trivandrum is approachable and clear and is full of amazing stories which put things in context and keep engagement up. The subject matter is fascinating and will prove invaluable down the line. Nothing negative to say. I’d rather we were all together, obviously, but it’s going incredibly well”.

“Thank you very much - the course was brilliant. Please pass on my thanks again to your trainer.”
“After this training, I felt I had consolidated my knowledge and understanding of key elements of my work as an expert witness. I will be more confident that I have understood and adhered to the legal prerequisites when preparing reports and if required to attend court.”

“Your trainer is engaging and funny and takes all the technical difficulties of presenting and delivering over the internet in his stride.”

“Brilliant - can't thank you enough for developing this. Really supportive (and affordable). This will become more important as this progresses, and we all have dilemmas and concerns.”
“Excellent, thank you very much, it was really helpful to have some guidance so quickly.”

Don’t wait

We are very careful to make sure that the security of the sessions is excellent and we can work on a number of different platforms to suit you. All our trainers have been fully trained in the various platforms. Do call to discuss your particular requirements.

The Prime Minister said yesterday that people who could not work from home should return to the workplace but avoid public transport. Those who can work from home should continue to do so and this means at least for the next few months our essential professional live training will be delivered remotely.

This article was first published on the 11th May 2020.

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