If you act as a medical expert witness, please visit the overview for medical expert witnesses webpage

Expert witnesses play a fundamental role within the judicial system by providing opinion evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions. As well as having the relevant qualifications and experience in your professional field, it’s now regarded as essential to undertake recognised Expert Witness Training.

Recognised Expert Witness training

Bond Solon is the UK’s leading provider of expert witness training and CPD, offering courses covering all the core areas of expert witness work. Training is delivered through a mixture of live courses, webinars and e-learning. We also hold an Annual Conference which is the largest gathering of expert witnesses in the UK. 

Additionally, we offer university certificates for expert witnesses, that are widely regarded as the gold standard by instructing parties and the courts. The Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificates is for those practicing in English & Welsh jurisdiction and the University of Aberdeen Bond Solon (UABS) Expert Witness Certificate caters for those operating in Scotland.

Our expert witness training and certificates will enable experts to:

  • Demonstrate to instructing parties they are competent to perform the role of the expert witness
  • More effectively market their expert witness services
  • Become eligible for discounted professional indemnity premiums for their expert witness work
  • Register for free on the National Register of University Certificated Expert Witnesses (Certificate holders only)
  • Join the Digital Hub (see details below)

To view the full list of our courses please click here

Becoming an Expert Witness

When is it appropriate for one to become an expert witness? What are the duties and responsibilities, and how does one find work in this area? All these questions and more are answered in a short video on Becoming an Expert Witness. Please view the video below:

Play Button Bond Solon Becoming an Expert

Who should attend these courses?

Our courses, conferences and university certificated training programmes are suitable for all experts whether they have been acting as an expert witness for many years or are completely new to the role.

Digital Hub

Upon booking your place on one of our courses, you will be given exclusive access to the Bond Solon Digital Hub, which will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Access and download all of the information you need for your course 
  • Receive web and email notifications reminding you of any pre-course work to complete prior to attending the course
  • Access a range of news, insights and practical resources directly relevant to your expert witness work
  • Be alerted to changes in law and procedure that directly affect your expert witness work
  • Access updated materials for the courses you have already attended

    View a short video about the Digital Hub here.

  • View Expert Witness Courses

    If you have an upcoming case where you are being called to give evidence, and require a course that will familiarise you with the process of giving evidence, lawyers’ techniques in cross-examination and allows you to experience cross-examination in a safe learning environment, then we would advise making use of our reactive Witness Familiarisation Service. For further details please call our office on 020 7549 2549.

    Want more information? Please call us on...

    020 7549 2549

    If you require any help or would like to discuss how Bond Solon can assist you in your training needs, please call us on: +44 (0) 20 7549 2549


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