Concurrent Expert Evidence (Hot-Tubbing)

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Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points

  • The differences between concurrent expert evidence and cross-examination
  • The origins of hot-tubbing and its implementation in the UK
  • Preparing to give concurrent expert evidence
  • Expert meetings before giving evidence
  • Questioning, and being questioned by, the other expert
  • What you should do if the other expert acts as an advocate
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively with the judge

Concurrent Expert Evidence (Hot-Tubbing) Training – overview

Since April 2013, judges are able to order that civil experts give their evidence concurrently, standing side by side in the witness box. Colloquially known as ‘Hot-Tubbing’, the judge and advocates will question the expert witnesses together, and experts may also put questions to each other. 

The course will look at the theory, practice of giving concurrent expert evidence. You will explore the new procedures and experience giving concurrent expert evidence. Delegates will be divided into pairs and will conduct a short expert meeting to establish areas of agreement and disagreement. You will then give concurrent evidence and receive feedback on your performance. 

This one-day training course will ensure that you are able to present concurrent expert evidence effectively and demonstrate to instructing parties that you hold the requisite skills and knowledge.

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